Request A Graphic

(Since September 30th)

I will make graphics for people if they need any, but you MUST BE A FOLLOWER. If you`d like some making fill this out:

5sd/50sc TAX: 6sd/51sc. Paying in Ad = 15sd/55sc

Stardoll User:
Are you a follower?
Would you Pay in Advance?
Background Colour:
Hairstyle & Colour:

10sd/100sc TAX: 11sd/110sc. Paying in Ad. = 20sd/200sc

Stardoll User:
Are you a follower?
Would You Pay In Advance?
Hairstyle & Colour:
Any certain pose?
Any last requests?

25sd, 10sd per person/250sc, 100sc per person. TAX: 28sd/252sc. Paying in Ad = 10sd more.

Stardoll User:
People in it:
Are you a follower?
Would You Pay In Advance?
Hairstyle & Colour:
Any certain pose?
Any last requests?

30sd/300sc. 10sd/100sc more when paying in ad. The package includes a no makeup headshot, a makeup headshot and a full body graphic.

Stardoll User:
Are you a public follower?:
Do you want to pay in advance?
Hair Colour and Style:
Makeup Colours (Makeup will be done on Gimp):
Clothes & Colour:



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  2. Stardoll User: Beppecollins
    I need graphics because: I'm starting a new blog.
    I`d use it for: the main banner for my blog.
    Would you pay in advance? Definitely.
    I would like: It rather fancy, with pink around :D
    People in it: Just me please :)
    Any last things? (Certain fonts, hairstyles etc): Blonde curly hair maybe? Also, this may sound strange but can my doll have her hands on her hips, walking down a catwalk in a flowing dress??

  3. Stardoll User: VampireLady33
    People in it: just me
    Are you a follower? yes
    Would You Pay In Advance? yes
    Background: blue, or whatever other yoz think it suits my blog
    Hairstyle & Colour: black, any you like
    Any certain pose? shopping pose, for
    Text: Shopping on Stardoll with Milena
    Any last requests? not really

  4. @Milena/VampireLady33 Requests are closed sorry

  5. Stardoll User: FashionistaT
    Are you a follower? yes
    Would you Pay in Advance? yes
    Background Colour: transparent
    Hairstyle & Colour: A simple lomng hairstyle with fringe {like Lady Gaga in pokerface). I want it to have the same colour as it has in Stardoll atm.

  6. Headshot Graphic

    Stardoll Username - CelebLover44
    Are you a follower?- Yes, Nee is my blogger name and well done on getting 50 followers
    Would you pay in advance- Could I pay after?
    Background Colour - Ok, baby blue
    Hairstyle & Colour - One kind of like my one on Stardoll and black

    Nee xxx

  7. Stardoll User:xxxluvxx
    People in it:just me
    Are you a follower?yup
    Would You Pay In Advance?yup
    Background:rainbow colours
    Hairstyle & Colour: medium curly hair (brown)
    Any certain pose? my hands on my hips
    Text: fun fashion and stardoll and then in in bracets at the end of the pic (owner xxxluvxx)
    Any last requests? could i have cool eye make-up please :)

  8. Hi I have a blog called I need a banner that is quit out standing hmmm... can I get you to put just me in it in a ball gown with my arms crossed with mist so you can't see my feet and a black back ground with curly hair and great make up oh and can I have Diva dolls written in fancy writing :) just contact me to tell me how much I will ow you before you do it Send it to my email one question how do I exchange the sc's and sd's to you when you are done? oh and please tell me how much I ow you at my account hotskaterchick1

  9. Stardoll User: Blaze0412
    Are you a follower? Yah!
    Would You Pay In Advance? Yep :3
    Background: Black, maybe with those sort of vintage, posh sort of patterns
    Hairstyle & Colour: .. the one of Elle Macpherson .. its the first set of pictures on the far right, she's next to Janet Jackson.
    Any certain pose? Just two straight legs and arms hanging down normally.
    Text: Dare to Differ - In white writing in an old sort of text, like French script or something
    Any last requests? Could you make her eyes deep blue and you can play with her features if you want.

  10. Stardoll User: Miss_summer_bbz
    People in it: Miss_summer_bbz and sasha_sushi
    Are you a follower? Yep
    Would You Pay In Advance? Sure
    Background: Black Please
    Hairstyle & Colour: any I don't mind
    Any certain pose? Nope
    Text: In Elegant writing please put The Stardoll Bang
    Any last requests? Nope x

  11. Stardoll User: shaz919
    People in it: myself
    Are you a follower? yes (:
    Would You Pay In Advance? nope
    Background: gradient purple fading to black
    Hairstyle & Colour: side fringe the rest surprise me+ my current colour or darker
    Any certain pose? 1 hand on hip other normal
    Text: shaz919 writing for beyond stardoll
    Any last requests? could you design the clothing

  12. Banner
    Stardoll User: starchild_2
    People in it: just me
    Are you a follower? yes
    Would You Pay In Advance? Sure, but could i maybe pay when u make it?
    Background: something pretty and nice :)
    Hairstyle & Colour: I want a hairstyle from stadoll... Like one of the ones you unlock ? Maybe the side bun ? And the colour is up to you :) Whatever matches me
    Any certain pose? Up to you ! Whatever looks good
    Text: Starchild_2 Writes
    Any last requests? For the outfit.. again something that looks good

  13. Photoshoot:

    Name: Nicole Chanel Lewis

    Stardoll User: Go-Girl-Rock

    Are you a public follower?: No, due to the fact everytime I go to follow a blog it says 'Error' and won't let me.

    Do you want to pay in advance? Not bothered.

    Hair Colour and Style: Straight blonde hair.

    Makeup Colours (Makeup will be done on Gimp): Smokey eyes. {not over the top though}

    Clothes & Colour: Gold dress.

    Thanks Chloe. xoxo

  14. Stardoll User:RockChicSuper
    People in it:Just Me Please
    Are you a follower?Yes
    Would You Pay In Advance?Yes
    Background:Vintage Looking Colors(Beige,White,Brown)
    Hairstyle & Colour:The Long 4000Starpoint Hair
    A Color To Go With The Outfit
    Any certain pose?Holding A Sheet With The Name Of The Blog
    Text:The Sheet The Girl Is Holding Saying Lauren's Presentation
    Any last requests?The Outfit Beige Jacket,White Top And White Skirt Like Attached c;


    Stardoll User:Josselynn
    People in it: me- Josselynn and .honey.
    Are you a follower?: Yes
    Would You Pay In Advance?: Could I pay after?
    Background: White-with black paint sloges if you can
    Hairstyle & Colour:Im not sure, anything that you think looks nice i guess :/
    Any certain pose?-Something quite posey-not like hand on hips...preferably sitting
    Text: Big letters, Orignal Club
    Any last requests? not really, just hope it turns out good =)

  16. Stardoll User: B.E.P.fan_4ever and gogoulatzavella

    People in it: B.E.P.Fan_4ever and gogoulatzavella

    Are you a follower? Of course!

    Would You Pay In Advance? Yeah but only in starcoins since none of the owners are superstar :/

    Background: Not something special.

    Hairstyle & Colour: I want some good hairstyles. You know....not the stardoll ones. And maybe gogoulatzavella would have red hair please?

    Any certain pose?: Glamorous. Fashionable. I don't know much. You know better!

    Text: Stardoll Fashion Community

    Any last requests?: I want the main colours to be pale pink and grey ok?

    Thank you sooooo much ;3

  17. I really need a graphic for my portfolio, where I put all the graphics I ordered from.

    so incase you can make
    Stardoll User: Dazzfairy18fan
    Are you a follower? YESH!
    Would you Pay in Advance? SURE!
    Background Colour: Any, which matches
    Hairstyle & Colour: Hairstyle straight, blonde!


  19. Stardoll User:dubistdie
    Are you a follower? Yes
    Would you Pay in Advance?Ofc.
    Background Colour:white
    Hairstyle & Colour: Long hair, light brown


    I hope the request are open now :)

    Stardoll User:Tabbrett
    Are you a follower? Yes
    Would You Pay In Advance? i'll pay yes 200 sc
    Hairstyle & Colour:Braid - blonde
    Any certain pose?Whatever you want
    Any last requests?No I trust you

  21. HEADSHOTS please! (:

    Stardoll User: MollySims2
    Are you a follower?: Yes!!
    Would you pay in advance?: Yes! I'll pay 55 SC
    Background: ANY!
    Hairstyle & Colour: I'd like you to make it inspired by Marina & The Diamonds new style "ELECTRA HEART"

    - and I'm a regular member, how can I pay ?

  22. Stardoll User: polarbearmonkie

    People in it: Any stardoll like a normal not very unique face.

    Are you a follower? Yep :)

    Would You Pay In Advance? Sure But up their it says i have to pay more...

    Background: White

    Hairstyle & Colour: The photos black and white so blonde hair

    Any certain pose? Yes this photo

    Text: Boundless in a modern chic font (Big with magazine under it in same font but smaller.

    Any last requests? Black and white :)

    *** How will we know If your doing ours?