Thursday, 12 April 2012

Well That Was A Fail

Not much to say other than show you my task 1 entry for SNTGD and talk about stardoll

And I'm out already, but nevermind. They said it looked rushed and that I hadn't put any effort in and the rushed bit is true - I'd been working on it and I went to carry on a couple of days before the deadline and the file wouldn't open. Not even a preview. Sooo I had to start again so yeah it was rushed. (And also to refer to one comment I was not making excuses...)

I found it hard also because I don't watch NTM. Never seen a photoshoot of it in my entire life so I probably didn't pick the best pose but I had no idea where I could find shots or anything, I just hit google and found this randomer.

But to be quite honest with you though I am losing a heck of a lot of interest in Stardoll. You're lucky to get me online more than twice a week. Practically all my good friends have gone; Robyn (I miss this girl so flipping much its unreal) Michaela and I don't talk much anymore, Kaitlin isn't on as much anymore. It's been a good almost 5 years but it's just ridiculous now; the account safety, prices (both virtual and membership) and the restrictions. I have 177sd right now on a non superstar account. Once thats gone I'm gone - I can't afford the membership, not at almost £4 for a month and £5 for a month on phone. I already pay £15pm for my contract, plus I want to spend money on better things.
I can't see me making it to five years.. sorry Stardoll, I quite frankly don't care about you anymore! Twitter and Tumblr have taken your place. I've got Amber, Niamh and Ola. Gonna probably do an Ebony, continue this blog but for artwork haha. I'm doing a canvas for my room right now (1st pic) and here's some more art:

Yes.. ba bye



  1. I love that graphic! I am sure it's very hard to do this somewhat side-view but it is well done, except, I must say, for the nose as I feel it is a bit big and too softened.
    As for your leaving stardoll, I wish you the bets in real life :)

    1. Thank you but I'm not leaving haha :D I'm just not really active anymore ;D x

  2. I love those drawings! They are so realistic! You've got skill.

  3. Honestly, I'd like to see more videos on youtube from you related to some artwork because you're really talented and I can understand why you're leaving (not being active there) on stardoll considering that you're on it for about 5 years almost. So, good luck with your RL all the best.

    Hugs and kisses,


  4. I make 5 years in November.. I feel old ;)