Monday, 2 April 2012

Stardoll's Next Graphic Designer

Hello strangers, been unactive in the blog world but I certainly haven't in the YouTube world so check out my channel... two videos each week uhm I'm in the routine like a good girl.

Right so Kim/xxlovexx has organized a new contest - Stardoll's Next Graphic Designer. I applied and I've been accepted so wish me luck! I'm up against some tough competiton, Eamonn and Kasey aaaah scary stuff hehe. And the graphics queen Nika is one of the three judges which is fun...? Stick me in a small room with a gunman and a bomb. Yeah, that's the situation: Not gonna go so well aha!

We were given task 1 a couple of days ago and if you look at the blog you can see what it is, I'm just too lazy to tell you. Yup, that's my attitude. But I'm back to USD and I haven't posted since the identiTEE one thingys came out months ago... but I'm back.

I was thinking about doing a Gif tutorial maybe, lemme know if you wanna see that.



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  1. I'm not competition. You're way better than I am!:)