Friday, 11 May 2012

Ca-fuzzled, Photoshop & Er *Final Paragraph*

First off; Sorry I have such weird titles. I'm very creative by stating practically all of this in the above...

Hello my old friends.. Have not been very good in the stardoll world recently have I?
I've been on and off. Some days I've been mega busy and haven't had the time to come online and some days I'm like 'Oh yeah Stardoll!'. Today is one of those days.

If you get kinda fed up of me... you know online EVERYDAY on Stardoll and here then why don't you come talk on my active places? HERE. Too lazy to type all them out and I've disabled right click so I can't copy it. Cool. Ignore the bottom links, focus on the top & my Twitter. 

So I have Photoshop CS5.. Mainly got it for my Tumblr (Here comes the self advertising I guess aha) because look at Gimp gif quality:
Mhm. Slight problem.. I don't have a clue how to use PS... It's a heck of a lot harder than I expected it to be, and if you know me well you'll know that when I can't do something I throw a tantrum. Yep, Daddy's roots right there!

Basically what I'm trying to get to is SOMEONE TEACH ME, LIKE NOW PLEASE? :L
Been searching tutorials and all and it just doesn't work. I can put the gif together, you know, import and get the animation window up change the speed save for web and voila, you have a gif. But when I go to edit them so sharpen and make them more vibrant they don't show up... on any layer whatsoever. And when I upload to Tumblr (bearing in mind I've only tried with one gif) they don't move. Thought okay, too many colours or too large. Re-sized it and selected less colours and still, just a still image. 
Tried saving on Gimp and it moves... 

What you've established in this rather pointless and boring post is that Photoshop frustrates me, I like to advertise my Tumblr and I get jealous of people that understand Photoshop. 
About to make a new graphic.. I'm back from a god knows how long break.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Well That Was A Fail

Not much to say other than show you my task 1 entry for SNTGD and talk about stardoll

And I'm out already, but nevermind. They said it looked rushed and that I hadn't put any effort in and the rushed bit is true - I'd been working on it and I went to carry on a couple of days before the deadline and the file wouldn't open. Not even a preview. Sooo I had to start again so yeah it was rushed. (And also to refer to one comment I was not making excuses...)

I found it hard also because I don't watch NTM. Never seen a photoshoot of it in my entire life so I probably didn't pick the best pose but I had no idea where I could find shots or anything, I just hit google and found this randomer.

But to be quite honest with you though I am losing a heck of a lot of interest in Stardoll. You're lucky to get me online more than twice a week. Practically all my good friends have gone; Robyn (I miss this girl so flipping much its unreal) Michaela and I don't talk much anymore, Kaitlin isn't on as much anymore. It's been a good almost 5 years but it's just ridiculous now; the account safety, prices (both virtual and membership) and the restrictions. I have 177sd right now on a non superstar account. Once thats gone I'm gone - I can't afford the membership, not at almost £4 for a month and £5 for a month on phone. I already pay £15pm for my contract, plus I want to spend money on better things.
I can't see me making it to five years.. sorry Stardoll, I quite frankly don't care about you anymore! Twitter and Tumblr have taken your place. I've got Amber, Niamh and Ola. Gonna probably do an Ebony, continue this blog but for artwork haha. I'm doing a canvas for my room right now (1st pic) and here's some more art:

Yes.. ba bye


Monday, 2 April 2012

Stardoll's Next Graphic Designer

Hello strangers, been unactive in the blog world but I certainly haven't in the YouTube world so check out my channel... two videos each week uhm I'm in the routine like a good girl.

Right so Kim/xxlovexx has organized a new contest - Stardoll's Next Graphic Designer. I applied and I've been accepted so wish me luck! I'm up against some tough competiton, Eamonn and Kasey aaaah scary stuff hehe. And the graphics queen Nika is one of the three judges which is fun...? Stick me in a small room with a gunman and a bomb. Yeah, that's the situation: Not gonna go so well aha!

We were given task 1 a couple of days ago and if you look at the blog you can see what it is, I'm just too lazy to tell you. Yup, that's my attitude. But I'm back to USD and I haven't posted since the identiTEE one thingys came out months ago... but I'm back.

I was thinking about doing a Gif tutorial maybe, lemme know if you wanna see that.



Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hey my friends...
Thank you for 140 followers! Planning some exciting things for 200 *hint hint*
I also got 80 subscribers today so thank youuu, almost 100 :D
Trying to make super interesting videos for lots of subs and views because I'd like to be a partner. I have a good idea.

Right so on YouTube I always upload a video on Monday and Friday. For Monday I'm looking to do this video and it's not a makeup tutorial, design tutorial or graphic time lapse. Nothing that I normally do. Not a RL video either although an everyday hair routine has been requested.

And to do this video I'm going to need NINE models. I'm not going to give any clues on my plans, all I need to say is about the models.

I might choose some from the list here, but I'd like some new faces! Here's all you gotta do...

*Subscribe to my channel (click here)

*Have a portfolio. Idc if you've been featured in 17362 mags or 2 mags, just as long as you have a blog.

And could you please fill out..

1. Are you subscribing?
2. Portfolio Link?
3. Why do you want to be a model?
4. Where Can I find a picture of your doll with and without makeup?
5. What are you favourite Spring trends?
6. How do you turn an outfit from day to night?

Thank you!


Friday, 23 March 2012

CGG - Blogspot or Tumblr?

Hey, I was thinking about maybe moving this blog to Tumblr. Just cause Tumblr is like easier to work and I'm on Tumblr more than Blogger. But blogger has more feautures, i.e the sidebar stuff and the banner etc etc. I've made a Tumblr for the time being...

>> HERE <<

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Not Stardoll related, but I recently learnt how to make GIFs. I usually have them as my Twitter icon (@BellarinaT143) and post them on my Tumblr ( So yeah erm here they are, some are a weeny bit choppy but I'll work on it! Oldest to newest and GO: (BTW: This first one is a 4 piece photoset on Tumblr)

So yeaaah.